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What is flockOmania?

Originally conceived as a solo exhibition created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson in 2015, flockOmania has grown beyond the original concept evolving into many different forms, as an exhibition, an installation, mobile performance interventions, performance lab workshops. To date flockOmania has been discussed at numerous academic symposium and international conferences by the artists involved in the project.

These various forms have enabled flockOmania to reach national and international audiences, reaching Ireland, Wales, Germany, China and New Zealand. Accolades include the publication of a duo of exhibition catalogues, alongside the hosting of an academic symposium titled Beyond Jewellery: Performing the body hosted by Birmingham City University in collaboration with C-DaRE, the Centre for Dance Research, Coventy University. Photographic documentation has been widely published on social media #flockOmania and a review of the work can be found in Journeaux, J. and Whatley, S. (2015) ‘Flock0mania: Body, Space and Object, review in The Journal of Craft Research, Vol.7, issue 1,Intellect, Bristol.

flockOmania showcases wearable objects designed and created by jewellery artist Zoe Robertson which explore the relationship between jewellery, the body and performance. These wearable objects were created in response to a collaborative relationship with dance artists Dr Natalie Garrett Brown and Amy Voris. It is their background in contemporary dance, movement improvisation and site based performance which provided the catalyst for this body of work. The resulting jewellery is theatrically-sized to emphasize and explore themes relating to the scale and movement of the body. The objects have been meticulously handmade using a mix of traditional craft skills in combination with industrial processes and new technology.

flockomania challenges the traditional display of jewellery whereby the work hangs freely in the space and not typically displayed behind glass ‘to move beyond the static display of objects of veneration normally associated with jewelry display’ (Mottram 2015). The installation space is seen as a laboratory of making in which the dance artists improvise movement and the audience is invited to interact with the work on show. The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of flockOmania moves beyond jewellery and into the fields of performance, sound, film, dance and photography. This cross disciplinary approach enables the creation of experiential environments which invite audience interaction and participation. Working across art forms these artists create an atmospheric, dynamic environment within which the dancers explore the ever- changing relationships between object, body and space.

This website highlights the projects from concept to realisation, including the design and production of objects, to experimenting with movement in the dance studio and  photographic documentation of the various exhibition and performance iterations. Each circular image on the home page takes you to a different part of the flockOmania journey.




A duo of flockOmania publications are available to purchase. Please email zoe@zoe.robertson if you would like to purchase.

flockOmania – ISBN:978-1-904839-78-1

flockOmania2 – ISBN:978-1-904839-84-2