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Collaborating Artists

Lead Artist  – Zoe Robertson

Award winning jewellery artist Zoe Robertson’s current studio practice explores themes relating to jewellery within performance. She creates theatrically sized jewellery, experiments on the edges of the discipline and enjoys working collaboratively. She is co-founder of Dual Works an artist studio based in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter and her work is exhibited within an international arena

The interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of her works moves beyond jewellery and into the fields of performance, sound, and dance. As seen in her latest solo exhibition flockOmania2 this cross disciplinary approach enables her to create experiential and immersive environments which invite audience interaction and participation.

This open-minded approach to challenging the boundaries of jewellery coupled with an intuitive relationship with materials is the driving force and motivation behind her work. Design ideas arise by experimenting with a breadth of unconventional materials often industrial in nature and the combination of these processes continually serve to initiate a visual language which is capitalised upon to create her work. The physicality of the objects is important and materials that evoke a sensory response play an important part in the vocabulary for her creative decisions

She has become increasingly interested in objects that are animated or activated by a bodily movement and started to define this as performing jewellery. She explores the visual and multi-sensory relationships between the objects, the body, and space by researching key themes such as body extensions, movement and dual wearability.

Her work is exhibited within an international arena and images of her work are published extensively,  to find out more visit her website  you can also follow Zoe on //twitter.com/_Zoe_Robertson or www.instagram.com/_zoe_robertson/

Dance Artist – Dr Natalie Garrett Brown

Dr Natalie Garrett Brown, BA, MA, PhD is Head of School for Media and Performing Arts at Coventry University, UK, where she is an associate of the Centre for Dance Research . She is founding associate editor for the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices jdsp.coventry.ac.uk and is vice chair for DanceHE (Standing Conference of Dance in Higher Education). Natalie is co-convener of the International Conference for Dance & Somatic Practices, held biannually at Coventry University. She is also a founding member of enter & inhabit, a collaborative site responsive project www.enterinhabit.com Her practice and research interests are theoretically situated within Feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity and the ways in which somatic and reflective practices can inform education, performance making, creativity, writing and digital cultural practices.

Dance Artist  – Amy Voris

Amy Voris is a dance-artist based in Manchester.  Her practice is responsive and associative, driven by an interest in the body/psyche as a multitudinous entity and in developing relationships with people and with movement material over long stretches of time.  The outcome of the work is contingent on hunches and interactions that occur during the process and varies widely.  Other collaborative projects include Accumulations

www.accumulationsproject.com and Enter Inhabit enterinhabit.com.  Her current research is investigating the incremental sculpting of movement material via the contemplative practice of Authentic Movement.  Amy has worked in higher education for over a decade delivering a range of dance-related subjects at Laban, London Contemporary Dance School, Birkbeck College, Coventry University, The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Manchester Metropolitan University.  She has a commitment to developing artist-led initiatives such as The Choreographers’ Circle in London, Decoda in Coventry and A Sunday School in Manchester.  www.amyvoris.com

The exhibition could not have been made possible without the help and support of the collaborating artists;

Christian Kipp –  is a photographer based in Essex. He splits his time between working on his own in the natural landscape and collaborating with a variety of dance artists. He is interested in the ways that these two areas feed and reflect each other. For Christian, photography feels like a way of connecting more strongly with nature and people.www.christiankipp.com

Sellotape Cinema – Sellotape Cinema are artists Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain. Sellotape Cinema creates film worked directly onto sticky tape and played through a specially adapted projector. This medium lends itself to processes usually associated with experimental film, montage, direct to film techniques, as well as media specific techniques, notably ‘flayed paper’. www.sellotapecinema.com

Tom Tebby is a visual artist and composer of electronic soundscapes. Through a natural process of experimenting with perceptions and experiences of space his practice in visual arts informs his more recent exploration in to sound composition. He has worked in Birmingham as a freelance designer for 15 years and is also a tutor on the BA Architecture course at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design at Birmingham City University. www.tomtebby.com

Cath Cullinane – Lighting Designer ‘I have a fascination for the moving body as it splinters into the shapes of light…it evokes and delights my senses simultaneously.’ Originally from Liverpool, Cath has worked as a Performance Technician for over 20 years, in theatres, colleges and festivals in the UK and Europe. She is currently Senior Theatre Technician / Skills Instructor at Coventry University and has enjoyed experimenting with non-theatre light. Most recently Cath has worked on lighting commissions for KILN (formally Kindle Theatre).

Daren Pickles is a composer of electronic music and Associate Head of Performing Arts at Coventry University. He is currently researching feedback systems in composition, the application of Cybernetics to compositional systems and generative music for his Ph.D. He has worked with creative audio technology for over 25 years, as a recording artist with electronic music act Supercharger and as a composer for film and television.

Nicholas Peters is a musician and Lecturer at Coventry University. He is a member of the Central Composers’ Alliance and he is researching toward his PhD in music. His musical output covers a variety of activities, from performing and improvising through to composition and arranging. He has also worked in live television as a Score Reader. His website is: www.nicholaspeters.co.uk